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Center for Inquiry-New York City
P.O. Box 26241
Brooklyn, NY 11202
Telephone: (347) 699-0234
Fax: (646) 219-8444
Email: nyc [at] centerforinquiry [dot] net


Syd LeRoy - Executive Director

Syd LeRoy is executive director of CFI-New York City. Syd completed a bachelor's degree in studio art at CUNY-Hunter College. During their undergraduate years, Syd founded four student groups in New York dedicated to free inquiry and secular humanism. Syd also spent two years interning for CFI-NYC, assisting with campus group support, event organizing, and design. Syd became assistant director in 2011 before eventually being promoted to executive director in 2012. Syd is proud to be a part of CFI and applying their passion and creativity to support the movement.

Michael De Dora - U.N. Representative

Michael De Dora is the Center for Inquiry's representative to the United Nations in New York City. He is also director of the Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy. Michael has a master’s degree in political theory from Brooklyn College, and a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and communication from SUNY-Albany. Before joining CFI, Michael was a news writer and editor at both and the City University of New York. He got his start with CFI as a volunteer in 2008.