CFI-Harlem Monthly Meeting

Sunday, August 30th 2009 at 1:00 pm
Sunday, August 30th 2009 at 4:00 pm
Harlem State Office Building, 163 W. 125th Street, 8th Floor (Trains: 2, 3, A, B, C, D).

Main discussion: This is a curious thing (click here to read "Black People Need to Conceptualize A Black God"). Really, is it that simple? Who is in denial here? Is it a good thing they (Africans) are at least talking about it? What would be the backlash from the Caucasian community among the missionari es?

Rafiq, one of our members that travels to Ghana a couple times a year says that you cannot go anywhere in Ghana and not see a blonde blue-eyed Jesus. Kwesi, our Ghanian member, was sent there for boarding school in his teens for four years (earned his high school diploma). His father, who is a doctor, wanted him to connect with his roots--Christian and all. Dad is not happy.

Tyranny of the Believers: From NY Times Sewell Chan 7/09: New York City will pay $10,001 to settle a federal lawsuit brought on behalf of a Queens man who was ejected from the old Yankee Stadium last August after trying to use the bathroom during the playing of ''God Bless America.'' In addition, the team has publicly declared that it has no policy prohibiting fans from moving about during the song, which the team began playing during games after 9/11.

The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit in April on behalf of the man, Bradford Campeau-Laurion, of Astoria, Queens, saying he was the victim of religious and political discrimination. The suit said he was forcibly restrained and ejected from the stadium in the Bronx on Aug. 26, after trying to walk past a police officer as the song was played.

''God Bless America'' is played during Yankees games in the seventh inning. The Police Department had defended its treatment of Mr. Campeau-Laurion, saying he was arrested after acting in a disorderly manner. Without admitting liability, the city agreed to pay a $10,001 settlement and $12,000 for the plaintiff's attorneys' fees.

As part of the settlement, the Yankees declared ''that they have no policy or practice at the new Yankee Stadium that imposes any restrictions on fans wishing to move about the stadium during the playing of 'God Bless America' that do not also apply during the rest of the game.'' 

Coming up: Also, mark Sunday, Sept. 13th, 1 p.m. on your calendar. CFI's Washington, D.C. lobbyist, Toni Van Pelt, will come to Harlem to explain The Faith Based/Community Initiative Program. Do you know that our organization is eligible for the funds?? We will question if we should take the money. If so, will we be compromising our principles?