Feminist Freethinkers of NY General Meeting

Thursday, September 12th 2013 at 6:30 pm
Thursday, September 12th 2013 at 8:30 pm
New York Society for Ethical Culture - Elliott Library - 2 West 64th St, Manhattan
Join us at this month's meeting of FFNY where we will meet other feminist freethinkers, discuss the direction and focus of our group, and plan some concrete strategies for future endeavors.

A continuation of our first meeting, we will evaluate our progress so far, and elaborate on our planning committees and hopefully fill them with brilliant, passionate people dedicated to equality and secularism. Let's go in with ideas and leave with action items. Looking forward to seeing you!

For your reference, here are our meeting notes from our first meeting:

FFNY - Preliminary Planning Meeting I - 7/7/13
Present: Syd L, Beth Z, Rachel T, Rawan H, Helen K, Fred H, Susan J, Rob C, Janice G, Stacy R, Marc B, Alexa B, Ayna S, Laura T, Carolyn M, Michael L, Anne K, Tiffany C, Peggilee W, David C

1.) Contact cards
2.) Introductions
3.) Group discussions of desired goals and functions of FFNY (four groups of four or five people)
4.) Suggested ideas/goals presented:
More women in government
Less republican influence
Campaign finance reform
Increase the quality of conversations (defining terms, rights vs justice)
Reproductive justice
Phone banks
Addressing the issue of city-assisted Catholic social service orgs refusing to discuss sexual health/issues with the women they serve - possible first campaign for FFNY (Stacy R has more info)
Diversity within the secular movement and community, addressing "chilly climate"
Broad education and awareness of women's issues
Understanding feminism's relationship to humanism
Public awareness of funds from religious groups to anti-woman causes

5.) FFNY - An overview
FFNY is for humanist feminists, but all secular feminists welcome
Planning committees - email Beth and Syd if you are interested in being a part of:
- Action Committee: plans group social justice actions, often in collaboration with other groups. Examples: rallies, marches, demonstrations, etc
- Advocacy Committee: plans advocacy campaigns around issues of feminism and secularism. Examples: see Stacy's suggestion under item #4
- Social Media Committee: maintains and provides content for an effective Twitter account ( @FEMFT ), Facebook page, and possible other social media platforms (blog, instagram, pinterest, etc)
- Communications & Language Committee: suggested by Marc B. to communicate our mission and goals clearly and effectively
- Book & Film Club Committee: plans regular meetings to watch films and read books whose content concerns feminism and secularism
- Website Committee: participates in the planning, designing, and construction of the FFNY official website, does not need to be involved in its maintenance
Monthly (or so) women-only "consciousness raising" discussions to "let our hair down" and talk about experiences we have endured and support each other. We will be looking at how sexism still prevails and sharing our ideas.
6.) Goals and definitions: what are FFNY's core values?
Reproductive justice, gender equality, church-state separation, freedom of inquiry, humanist ethics, etc
Anne K.'s definition of humanism: a philosophy, way of life, and, for some, a religion that is not other-worldy, but this-worldy. Stresses human responsibility and accountability to each other and to the environment.
7.) How do you define "feminism" as it exists in the name and mission of this group? How do you define "freethinker"?
8.) What are some current local issues you would like to see FFNY get involved in?


More about Feminist Freethinkers of NY:

Returning from Center for Inquiry's Women in Secularism conference, we perceived a need for a local group supporting women in the secular and humanist community of NYC. Safe spaces coupled with open house discussions are invaluable to a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Our group will meet to discuss women's issues and the role of women in the secular and humanist community, as well as host social activities that encourage a supportive and vibrant community. We will also find ways to support local and national initiatives tackling gender equality and women's rights.

Feminist Freethinkers of NY is cognizant of the intersections between gender, race, sexuality, class, and ability, and strives to maintain a conscious and inviting space for all.