Leo Igwe: Human Rights Activist Defends Abused & Abandoned “Witchcraft” Children

Monday, July 15th 2013 at 6:30 pm
Monday, July 15th 2013 at 8:15 pm
New York Society for Ethical Culture - 2 W 64th St, Manhattan
Human Rights Activist Defends Abused & Abandoned "Witchcraft" Children 
Human Rights, Skepticism, Secular Humanism and Social Justice
After almost 4 years of trying, we finally get the chance to host the heroic human rights and child advocate Leo Igwe. Leo will be speaking on July 15th. The program starting at 6:30 pm will offer us the chance to hear harrowing challenges and on-going success stories. We'll also have the opportunity to understand our own part in "what's next?".
Who:Leo Igwe's work covers key areas of interest to us all. He's been doing social justice work for almost 15 years. He'll speak on the link between human rights, civil liberties, health, education and development. The link between skeptical reason, practical activism and social justice is an ongoing project you’re invited to join in. He's in NYC for only one day. Let's turn out to welcome him.
Where: New York Society for Ethical Culture 2 W 64th Street New York, NY 10025 
When:6:30pm -8:15pm 
This event is Free & Open to the Public. RSVP on MeetUp - CFI or Richies List. Check for updates on FaceBook, NYSEC Web, Or contact the e-mail or phone below. 
What:The problems of child abuse, neglect, trafficking and suffering are well known. What is less well known is one of the causes is superstition, irrational tradition and a lack of science-based health care and education. This cripples communities and costs lives. 
Now there is action that changes lives; rescuing these children from abandonment, stigmatization, mind-numbing abuse, and even murder. They are children (and adults, mostly women, often widows) who’ve been accused of witchcraft and demon possession. They suffer a loss of human rights, human dignity and hope. 
Secular Humanist, skeptic and child advocate Leo Igwe is changing things. He has survived slander, harassment by politicians and police, multiple assaults, imprisonment, home invasions and hospitalizing attacks on his family members. His property has been stolen. His father was blinded, losing an eye. He lives under ongoing threats. Yet he continues to risk all and tell the truth for those who's stories would otherwise have no rational witness. 
Representing the rights of children he'll speak on the link between human rights, civil liberties, health, education and development. Mr. Igwe combines grassroots action with burgeoning research. He’s a PhD candidate at the Bayreuth International School of African Studies in Germany. He has a unique perspective on the overlapping connections here. The link between skeptical reason, practical activism and social justice is an ongoing project you’re invited to learn more about. 
Leo has paid a high price for resisting irrationality, superstition and dehumanizing traditions. By extension this work also fights organized fraud, extortion and human trafficking. We can join him at this short no-cost event. We’ll share in his ethically driven change-work. Beginning what we hope to be a continuing conversation in support of child rights, community development and social justice. 

This event is a effort of the Harlem Humanist's (working group). It is co-hosted by the NY Society for Ethical Culture. It is co-sponsored and promoted with the support of Center for Inquiry - NYC and the James Randi Educational Foundation

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