Wherever You Go, There They Are

Sunday, May 21st 2017 at 4:30 pm
Sunday, May 21st 2017 at 6:00 pm
Norman P. Murray Community Center, Palo Verde Room - 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

When actress and New York Times Bestselling author Annabelle Gurwitch was a child, surrounded by a cast of epically dysfunctional relatives, she secretly prayed that it was all a terrible mistake. Maybe she was a long lost daughter of Joni Mitchell or the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian Princess. Using her own family as a launching off point, Gurwitch asks: Who and what makes a family in our modern society? Is it our blood relations, the people we work with, the people we pray with, or don't pray with as the case may be, our pets? If she's learned anything it's that no matter how hard you try and escape a crazy family, you just end up in another crazy family. 

Annabelle Gurwitch

In her new collection of essays, Wherever You Go, There They Are: Stories About My Family You Might Relate To, she devotes a chapter to secular humanist associations, including marginalized groups in the secular community, and the importance of science and reason.

Annabelle identifies as a Jewish secular humanist. She's never met a Jewish holiday she didn't enjoy celebrating; at the same time, she's an atheist who is committed to raising the profile of secular humanism. She announced she was an atheist at her Bat Mitzvah, which didn't go over well with her parents, but her dad later lost he Bat Mitzvah money playing poker, so he got the last laugh on that one.

Annabelle Gurwitch is a bestselling author of books such as I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities, and Survival Stories from the Edge of 50; You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up (coauthored with Jeff Kahn); and Fired!, also a Showtime Comedy Special. Gurwitch gained a loyal following during her stint cohosting Dinner & a Movie on TBS and years as a regular commentator on NPR. She has written for publications such as The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, and has appeared on programs such as Dexter, Seinfeld, Boston Legal, Melvin Goes to Dinner, and Real Time with Bill Maher. A veteran of many lauded and even more misguided theatrical productions, she regularly performs at art centers across the country.

This talk will also take place earlier in the day at CFI-L.A. at 11 a.m.

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