The Course of Reason

FREE live streaming is available for Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s debate at the Creation Museum

January 24, 2014 Cody Hashman

Bill Nye Ken Ham debate graphic


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Justin Bieber

December 30, 2013 Seth Kurtenbach

Justin Bieber is...

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The Brain: A User’s Manual

December 24, 2013 Seth Kurtenbach

If you are reading this, then you have a brain. Thus far you've achieved great things with your brain, and you should be proud! Right now you are decoding a system of arbitrary symbols that represent phonemes of words in the English language, and that is no trivial task. What else can you do with your brain? It is a good idea to try and figure that out. We don't know for sure the limits of the brain, but through lots of hard work, we've made some progress.

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CFI–GVSU Hosts Neil deGrasse Tyson

November 26, 2013 Maria Beelen

My organization, Center for Inquiry–Grand Valley, had the amazing opportunity to host Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson at our school, Grand Valley State University. It was about a nine month process that started in late February 2013 when we got in contact with Dr. Tyson's agent to sign the contract, and ended when we finally hosted him on November 13th.

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Affiliate Group of the Week #26: Secular Student Alliance at UCSC

November 21, 2013 Cody Hashman

We are pleased to announce this week's Affiliate Group of the Week, the Secular Student Alliance at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This group has hosted past Point of Inquiry host, Indre Viskontas, CFI board chair, Eddie Tabash, and will soon host Julia Galef. The current president, Rob Carmen, answered a few questions for us. 

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