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Being Nonreligious During the Holiday Season

December 8, 2014 Rebecca Surroz

“So you’re an atheist…but your family celebrates Christmas! Why would you do that? How can you celebrate that? It’s about Jesus!”

“Well, why do you celebrate Halloween?”

“I…well…you’ve been asked this before, haven’t you?”


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Affiliate Group of the Week: Furman University Society of Free Inquiry

November 20, 2014 Stef McGraw

CFI On Campus is excited to bring back our Affiliate Group of the Week series on the Course of Reason blog! This week we're highlighting the Furman University Society of Free Inquiry (SoFI). We met three of their officers at last summer's CFI Leadership Conference, and were impressed with their enthusiasm and passion for the student freethought movement. Director of Public Relations Kristen Murdaugh gave us her thoughts about her group, the secular movement at large, and more:

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The Huge Success of GCSC CFI On Campus’ Carl Sagan Day

November 11, 2014 Jake Brown

November 9th, 2014 marked what would have been the 80th birthday of the late, great astronomer, educator, science popularizer, and wonderer Dr. Carl Sagan. Carl taught us to look up to the heavens and let our imaginations run wild. But, he also taught us to only accept conclusions about our universe that are supported by the strongest of observational evidence, and to achieve these conclusions via one of the most beautiful tools we have available to us: the self-correcting mechanism known as the scientific method.

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Suffering and Religion

October 27, 2014 CFI On Campus

This article was originally posted on by a member of the Illini Secular Student Alliance.

I'll admit it. I found out about Brittany Maynard from a click bait title on my Facebook feed. Hers has all of the parts of a perfect viral story: beautiful 29 year old with lethal brain cancer decides to legally end her life through the Death with Dignity Act in Oregon. Maynard's story is bringing back to life the debate surrounding the idea of physician-assisted suicide and the ethics of terminal patients willingly ending their own life instead of suffering through their disease.

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Thinking about spring in the fall

October 17, 2014 Stef McGraw

It's mid-October. If you're a leader of a CFI On Campus affiliate group, you're probably finishing up the planning for a Halloween event or Carl Sagan Day, counting down the days until Thanksgiving break and maybe, possibly, studying for midterms. What you're probably not thinking about, but should be thinking about, is what your group will be doing in the spring.

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