The Course of Reason

Critical Thinking and Sexual Orientation

October 1, 2013 Olivia James

I've been thinking a lot lately about my identity and my orientation. This is something that a lot of us think about round about our late teens and early twenties, and so it seemed highly pertinent to this blog to talk about the critical thinking that I've been doing around these topics.

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Why is the Right to Blaspheme Important to You?

September 29, 2013 Sarah Kaiser

As part of the Campaign for Free Expression, and in recognition of International Blasphemy Rights Day 2013 (September 30), CFI is hosting a Twitter contest!

Participants are challenged to convey, in less than 140 characters, why the right to criticize religion is important. Seriously guys, no using ellipses, no "part 1, part 2" nonsense. Just ONE TWEET about blasphemy. Do you think you can do it?

The prizes include cash and free subscriptions to Free Inquiry, as well as recognition on CFI's website.

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How to Solve a Problem

September 24, 2013 Seth Kurtenbach

"Algorithm" is a scary word. You probably just threw up a little bit, a little fear puke, from reading it just now. Also, it is hard to look at. The first part is easy: "Algo." That is easy to look at. But then your eyes hit that second part and just sort of get lost in a tangled mess of letters that have no business hanging out together. To what black magic does this dark word refer? The goal of this post is to kind of answer that question, and to make algorithms less scary for you.

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Where have all the Gadflies gone?

September 21, 2013 Jeffrey Elliott

CFI founder Paul Kurtz once said of the Skeptics movement,

“…Skepticism is essential. You simply can’t refute, quote ‘debunk’, explain something and then go home. No, you need constant gadflies (that was the role of Socrates) out there examining claims and trying to find out if they’re true or false.”

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Campaigning For Truth

September 20, 2013 Olivia James

As skeptics, we should be invested in our educational system. One of our values is truth, and so we often focus on the appropriate way of arriving at truth. So it should be disheartening when we hear that the education system in the US is not based upon facts, but rather upon PR and demagoguery.

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