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2014 Leadership Conference Reflection: Lance Menard

August 18, 2014 Lance Menard

Nine months ago, my friend and roommate Austin Edwards approached me with a proposal: Create a club for atheists and nonbelievers at our university.  I was apprehensive at first, but after a short while, I agreed that it was a good plan, and we went about organizing a pilot for a discussion group-style club.

The pilot went well, and we decided to start regular weekly meetings.  We teamed up with another friend – Jason Chapman – to form the executive board, and started going through the process of obtaining student government approval.  Our meetings were… interesting, I’d say.  Somewhat sparsely attended and not particularly well planned, we still had a good time, and had a few meaningful discussions, but honestly, we lacked a direction and purpose for our club.

Bear with me, this is actually going somewhere.

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2014 Leadership Conference Reflection: Jonathan Solis

August 13, 2014 Jonathan Solis

Philosophers struggle to make sense out of the apparent impossibility to accurately describe sensations – like perceiving the color blue – to people who’ve never experienced such a sensation before. They call it the ‘explanatory gap’. In reflecting on the Center for Inquiry’s Leadership Conference, I’m unsure how best to bridge that gap. The gist is…it was a really good conference. For the longer and hopefully more helpful insight into the conference, I’ll share a few points I took away, and we’ll see how they tie together.

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2014 Leadership Conference Reflection: Broadway Jackson III

August 13, 2014 Broadway Jackson III

The 2014 Center for Inquiry Leadership Conference was an amazing experience, first and foremost. Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with and talk to so many secular folks. The conference was really focused on providing us the tools to do whatever our organizations need to grow and to affect change, or simply to be the kind of affinity group our campuses need while also fostering discussion and community amongst attendees. I want to say thank you to CFI for giving me such an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of students and community leaders in the secular movement and an opportunity for others to pick my brain and see what I’m thinking. To the readers of this post, if you are ever debating whether to go to the CFI Leadership Conference, don’t; don’t debate it, go. You will not regret the experience and I’m here to tell you why.

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2014 Leadership Conference Reflection: Kristen Murdaugh

August 13, 2014 Kristen Murdaugh

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” - unless you declare yourself an atheist in rural South Carolina where Ku Klux Klan rallies are regularly scheduled and every death in the community is god’s necessity for another angel.

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Student Freethought Groups Welcome Pope Francis to South Korea

August 12, 2014 Stef McGraw

Freethinkers Union, an alliance of student freethought groups in South Korea, sent out this press release earlier today to spread the word about their letter welcoming Pope Francis to their country:

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