The Course of Reason

In Defense of New Atheism

June 30, 2015 Ned Borninski

On the morning of December 2nd, 2014, I woke up to find many of my activist friends sharing a recent article from Jacobin Magazine on social media. The piece, written by one Luke Savage, was titled New Atheism, Old Empire and featured the provocative subtext “The ‘New Atheists’ have gained traction because they give intellectual cover to Western imperialism.” As an atheist and leftist activist who is very strongly opposed to imperialism, not to mention one who has become increasingly disappointed in some of the public statements of New Atheist spokesmen such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, I decided to give the article a chance.



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We’re all in this together

June 25, 2015 Kyle Medin

This post was originally featured on the climate change blog Today's Apathy = Tomorrow's Agony.

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Most People’s Anti-Islam Anger Isn’t Helping Anyone

June 17, 2015 Peter Wood

Tensions between Islam and the West have been rising for some time, and it seems to be getting worse.

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Secular parent challenges school board on Christian presence in classroom

June 15, 2015 Amber Barnhill

Amber Barnhill recently addressed her local school board regarding the presence of religous-themed material and events in the public education system in her community. Amber has shared her experience with Course of Reason and recounts it below, along with her original letter to the school community and reactions to her stance through social media.

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Reflections on Freethought Festival 4

June 10, 2015 Sam Erickson

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Every year, the student leaders here at AHA organize our annual conference, the Freethought Festival. Freethought Festival 4 was held March 13-15, 2015 at the beautiful DeLuca Forum in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

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