The Course of Reason

Affiliate Group of the Week #23: Secular Student Alliance at the College of Charleston

September 5, 2013 Cody Hashman

Max Nielson, contortionist extraordinaire, and president of the Secular Student Alliance at the College of Charleston shares with us what the CFI On Campus affiliate at his school has been up to. 

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When Good Proofs Go Bad

September 5, 2013 Seth Kurtenbach

I am at a conference about formal methods in computer security. In formal methods, they use math talk to make proofs about systems. For example, cryptography is really important for computer security, and it would be nice if we could formally prove that a cryptographic system is secure. But the strangest thing always seems to happen. Some intrepid formal methods researcher will publish a proof about a cryptosystem's being secure, and then in a year or so some other intrepid researcher will publish a successful attack strategy on the system. So, what is going on here? How could the proof turn out to be wrong? That's been a big issue at the conference.

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Death, Mourning, and Humanism: A Personal Reflection

September 4, 2013 Jeffrey Elliott

The arguments surrounding religion and secularism are many and varied. Most of you reading this are likely familiar with the arguments both for and against religion, gods, and the afterlife and if you are reading this are likely in the atheist camp. There is however, an argument in favor of religious belief that has great weight and which only the most belligerent of atheists would confront: the argument from personal comfort. I have often read and heard people go back and forth on this question and have always been quite assured in how I would react in a similar situation. I never would have guessed that the test of my ethos would come so soon.

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The Course of Reason On Air Session 2: Wrap-Up

August 30, 2013 Cody Hashman

On Tuesday, Cody Hashman hosted CFI On Campus' second session of The Course of Reason On Air. We were joined by 3 students from schools across the US and Sam Shore from the Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB), all of whom have experience and success in raising money for Light the Night (LTN). 


Below is an outline of the discussion from the session as well as links and resources that will help you set up a successful Light the Night team and participate in Hug an Atheist Week. 

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Affiliate Group of the Week #22: Dixie Reason, Inquiry, and FreeThought (DRIFT)

August 29, 2013 Sarah Kaiser

Jessica Argyle, president of Dixie Reason, Inquiry, and FreeThought shares her thoughts on how the group started and what they provide to the local community in her area.

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