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A comment about “Christian” bullying

January 15, 2012 Dave Muscato

My friend, atheist advocate & activist, and SASHA blog guest author, Damon Fowler, posted this to Jessica Ahlquist in response to the treatment she is receiving by so-called “Christians” following the recent ruling regarding the prayer banner:

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Links for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 14, 2012 Dren Asselmeier

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have seen several interesting articles on the subject of MLK Jr. popping up this week and wanted to pass them on. If you have some time this weekend, take a look and see if you can't start a discussion with someone or make a personal connection with one of these ideas.

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Jessica Ahlquist Won!

January 12, 2012 Dren Asselmeier

In a win for church and state separation, and after a long and stressful fight, Jessica Ahlquist has won her lawsuit to have the prayer banner removed from her public school.

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Ignorance, not stupidity

January 11, 2012 Dave Muscato

A friend of mine, EBK, posted this image on Facebook, with the following caption:  

"I made this because it seems every time I speak out against religion, especially Christianity, someone assumes I am attacking them personally; calling them dumb or crazy or whatever... I don't look down on you if you are a Christian. I just *disagree* with you. I still ♥ you"

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Oops, God Made A Mistake

January 10, 2012 Michael Dippold

For the masochists out there who follow GOP politics, the Iowa Caucuses took place last night, and resulted in an absurdly close race between Uber-conservative culture-warrior Rick "frothy mixture" Santorum and flip flopping expert Mitt Romney. Romney took the state by just 8 votes—barely beating Santorum—both of whom only beat Ron Paul's impressive showing by a few percent. The other candidates did quite poorly, confirming that the excitement and buzz generated by this rotating cast of flavor-of-the-week candidates was as temporary as most suspected. Perry and Cain had both had their brief time in the spotlight, along with Michelle Bachmann who won the Ames Iowa straw poll.

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