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Music Monday: O.A.R. - “Heaven”

November 21, 2011 Cody Hashman

Ok, I have a confession. I hate O.A.R.. So you know how there are a lot of people who love Boondock Saints? I hate that movie, but I get why people like it, I guess. In the same way I get why people like O.A.R., I think. I just happen to not like them because every time I went to a bar in my hometown that had a jukebox some asshole would always play that 15 minute O.A.R. song titled “Crazy Game of Poker” and ruin my night. Whatever. 

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Forget “the New Atheism” – Introducing “Third-Wave Atheism”

November 18, 2011 Dave Muscato

Dave Muscato here. My friend Steven Olsen, President of Springfield Freethinkers (Springfield, MO), co-founder of Carl Sagan’s Dance Party, and co-author of Unbelievable History and I, along with a few others, recently had a discussion on JT Eberhard‘s Facebook wall about the term, “New Atheism.”

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Carl Sagan Day 2011 Wrap-up!

November 17, 2011 Dren Asselmeier

Carl Sagan Day was November 9th. Many groups choose to celebrate the life and work of Sagan in unique and fun ways this year. Sagan’s inspirational words on science and the beauty of the universe are just as relevant as ever, especially with science being under constant attack from those who wish to discredit knowledge and academia in favor of pushing their faith and literal interpretations of holy books onto the public. Here are a few articles that pay homage to Sagan and his legacy.

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Music Monday: Cursive - “Big Bang”

November 14, 2011 Cody Hashman

So I am going to pull the old "goodnews, bad news, good news" trick. Ok, good news: It's Music Monday. Bad news: There is about an 20 min left of Monday where I live. Good news: That's quite enough time to listen to, as hinted at last week, "Big Bang" by Cursive (or you could listen on Tuesday, whatever). 

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Top Four Presidents That Probably Shouldn’t Have Sworn in on the Bible

November 10, 2011 Melanie Cornell

Buzz over the 2012 presidential campaign is growing more every day, and I'm all aflutter witnessing the shit storm that is the Republican primary unfold. Watching "Rock-You-Like-A-Herman Cain" craftily dodge opportunities to refute cult slams on Mormon "Mittens" Romney got me thinking recently about the ambiguous religious affiliations of some of our past presidents.

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