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Oops, God Made A Mistake

January 10, 2012 Michael Dippold

For the masochists out there who follow GOP politics, the Iowa Caucuses took place last night, and resulted in an absurdly close race between Uber-conservative culture-warrior Rick "frothy mixture" Santorum and flip flopping expert Mitt Romney. Romney took the state by just 8 votes—barely beating Santorum—both of whom only beat Ron Paul's impressive showing by a few percent. The other candidates did quite poorly, confirming that the excitement and buzz generated by this rotating cast of flavor-of-the-week candidates was as temporary as most suspected. Perry and Cain had both had their brief time in the spotlight, along with Michelle Bachmann who won the Ames Iowa straw poll.

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Music Monday: Shelley Segal - “Saved”

January 9, 2012 Cody Hashman

Welcome back to Music Monday here on The Course of Reason. I have some good news! First, as requested, I have compiled a Spotify playlist, so those of you not already subscribed to the Grooveshark playlist can join in the fun via Spotify. The other bit of good news is that I recently ran across a new artist to feature on Music Monday: Shelley Segal.

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Knowing the Difference between a Counter-Protest and a Jeering Mob and How to Avoid the Latter

January 4, 2012 Elizabeth Knapp

A few weeks before the end of the semester my Center for Inquiry Club at Broward College teamed up with our campus’s Gay Straight Alliance to go sign-to-sign with the Westboro Baptist Church. Shirley Phelps herself, the wife of Fred Phelps, attended along with a nameless brown-haired man. I learned a lot from this experience and I would like to pass this knowledge on to my fellow skeptic peers.

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Why Students are a Priceless Investment

January 3, 2012 Dren Asselmeier

Students, young people, and the "30 under 30" that some people reference (the idea that 30% of people under 30 are not religious, which I can't confirm the accuracy of right now, but is still relevant in this context) are part of a growing trend to include students in activism and secular organizations. Some organizations, like American Atheists, have done innovative things to get students involved. Offering free or reduced rates for organization membership, giving free or very inexpensive entry to conferences, and offering grants and scholarships to students for their hard work and dedication to our missions are all simple measures that attract students and make them feel important to our movement.

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Music Monday: 2011 Recap

January 2, 2012 Cody Hashman

For the New Year I thought I would start from the beginning and share all of the Music Mondays for the year. I hope you enjoy. As always feel free to enjoy the official Music Monday Grooveshark playlist

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