The Course of Reason

A Night With Chris Moon

October 28, 2011 Michael Dippold

Last night a group of UNIFI members attended a talk by Chris Moon where he laid out his personal history with the paranormal, and talked about his exploits while "investigating" paranormal phenomena. Stef already did a very good job of describing the basic outline of the talk, so I'll try not to repeat much of what she said. Moon himself claims to be not only a paranormal investigator, but a psychic medium. For someone peddling pseudoscience and nonsense, he's admittedly charming, and quite a good speaker.

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A Sustainable Secular Movement

October 28, 2011 Chris Burke

The perspective offered in this piece comes from my education as an Environment and Business student. In a sentence: Environment and Business focuses on teaching students to find business solutions to the issue of environmental protection and the development of sustainability plans to achieve that end. Sustainability in this sense means: Meeting the needs and wants of the present without compromising the needs and wants of the future.

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Getting Involved in the Civic Process

October 27, 2011 Dren Asselmeier

I may not have a simple tax plan with repeated numbers, but I wanted to take a minute to remind our readers that several elections are coming up, and though many people feel cynical about the level of effectiveness regarding voting, it is crucial that we find information about legislation on all levels and vote whenever possible.

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Music Monday: Stevie Wonder - “Superstition”

October 24, 2011 Cody Hashman

I'll be honest, today's Music Monday came as a complete surprise to me. When I was compiling a list of songs to be featured here, I came across Superstion by Stevie Wonder, and was all like "pshaw, no way!" This song was always one of those songs that I had listened to and didn't pay too much attention to. 

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Celebrate Star Stuff! Carl Sagan Day is November 9

October 24, 2011 Dren Asselmeier

Hey readers! You may be working on building a giant banana out of felt and wire, or looking for the perfect jacket to complete your Mr. Bean costume, but right after Halloween is Carl Sagan Day! If you want to join the festivities, you should be planning your events now. Here are some ideas and inspiration for what to do:

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