The Course of Reason

Obama prays daily.  Joy.

August 30, 2010 JT Eberhard

Not thrilled about Obama feeling like he needs to pray daily.

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Strange Communion: Why UI Atheists Helped Save a Catholic Demagog

August 7, 2010 Edward Clint

Theists and atheists united in the struggle for academic freedom.

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Lessons from Dachau

August 4, 2010 Dan Riley

Learning from history should lead to a more secular, less dogmatic world

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CFI On Campus Selects Five Group Award Winners

July 21, 2010 Ben Isserlis

Five CFI On Campus Affiliates Receive Group Awards at 2010 CFI Leadership Conference

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Reflections on the Hill Cumorah Pageant

July 20, 2010 Ben Isserlis

Freethinkers from CFI and Buffalo visit the Mormon Hill Cumorah Pageant and engage with protesters.

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