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Greenpeace Destroys Research, Loses My Support

July 20, 2011 Stephanie Van Dyk

I used to give money to Greenpeace. It started with those people with vests and binders who target pedestrians for donations. One man, with dreadlocks and awesome facial piercings, informed me that a $12/month donation would get me a free t-shirt. I agreed. I like the environment and I like tshirts.

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Purpose Needs Life

July 19, 2011 John Chesley

What does it mean to you when you hear people say there is no purpose to life without God? Besides the hope of getting into a utopian society called 'heaven.' Why does believing in a God give anymore purpose to life than not having one at all? If God himself is supposed to be all-knowing, shouldn't he himself already know who is going to be getting into his closed gated society and who isn't?

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The Moral Case For Secularism

July 18, 2011 Chris Burke

A discussion with a fellow atheist/secularist, Cody Hashman, (who I’d like to give thanks to for posting my article on the issue of Muslim prayers in Toronto schools on The Course of Reason blog) has brought up some interesting points about how we should argue for secularism.

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Fursdays wif Stef: Orientation Reflection

July 16, 2011 Stef McGraw

This past Monday, UNIFI President Cory Derringer and I gave each other an (god, I hate using this word, but) "epic" high five. And despite a few confused glances from around the room, we didn't care what anyone thought. Because we deserved it. It was our way of celebrating that we had not only successfully collected our goal number of names, but just survived at all UNI's freshman orientation.

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Should Atheists Participate in Interfaith?

July 15, 2011 Hassan A. Khalifeh

Earlier this summer, I attended the 2011 Center for Inquiry Leadership Conference in Amherst, NY. During this conference, the question arose of whether Atheists should participate in Interfaith events. Many people said yes, because we should put our differences aside and work towards a greater goal. Few said no, because, as CFI intern Cody Hashman said, “we need to  preserve our own resources and focus on building our own architecture.” Is this a yes or no question, though? I think not.

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