The Course of Reason

New Facebook Policy Means Changes for Student Groups

May 24, 2011 Trevor Boeckmann & Cody Hashman

What options are available to student organizations now that Facebook groups are being archived?

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…and I feel fine!

May 23, 2011 Dave Muscato

Missouri Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, & Agnostics Vice President Dave Muscato writes about confrontation and accomodation.

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A Quick History

May 21, 2011 Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist writes about her experience trying to bring secularism to her school.

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AHA Condems Widespread Attempts to Censor Muhammad Chalkings

May 20, 2011 Chris Calvey

A re-post of student activism in honor of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.

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Another High School Student Standing Up Against School Prayer

May 18, 2011 Trevor Boeckmann

First it was Harrison Hopkins, and now it’s Damon Fowler challenging prayer at his high school graduation.

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