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Rose St. Clair

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Rose St. Clair grew up in Blacksburg, VA. She is a junior at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, studying psychology and public policy. She is the President of the W&M Freethought Alliance: Students for Science and Secularism and an active atheist. She runs her own secular blog:


5 things I took away from the CFI Student Leadership Conference

July 8, 2011

Rose St. Clair from the College of Wiliam & Mary enlightens us with her experience at this year's Student Leadership Conference.

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Giles County Reaches Unconstitutional Decision Concerning Ten Commandments

June 9, 2011

During a meeting Tuesday, a Virginia school board voted to post the 10 Commandments. William and Mary Freethought Alliance President Rose St. Clair was in attendance.

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