The Course of Reason


October 13, 2011 Dave Muscato

Trigger Warning: In the course of this article I will be making an analogy to sexual assault.

All belief in supernatural things, by definition, boils down to faith. There is no evidence for supernatural beings, in fact there can’t be any (evidence, by definition, exists only in the natural realm). Supernatural entities are by definition postulatory, since they live or exist outside of our experience. Their existence, by definition, is not parsimonious, and must be preceded by the word “alleged.”

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Stop Calling Religion a Mental Illness

October 11, 2011 Chris Burke

“Religion is a mental illness.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase, or variation of, used by a fellow non-believer. You could be like myself, someone who has, unfortunately, used a similar expression. I’ve come to realize how wrong and immature this is.

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An Atheist Goes to a Cru Meeting

October 11, 2011 Dan Linford

This post originally appeared on blog Libere Cogitare et Ratio.

A few weeks ago (September 15th), I attended my first Cru meeting. For those not in-the-know, Cru is what was formerly known as "Campus Crusade for Christ." They're an interdenominational, conservative Evangelical, youth ministry that operates on many college campuses across the country. To their credit, they're actually one of the largest Christian organizations in the US. Being a Northern-bred, scientifically minded, atheistic liberal, I fully expected to witness an entirely different culture—and therefore was looking forward to the experience with excitement and anticipation.

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Music Monday: Bad Religion - “Atheist Peace”

October 10, 2011 Cody Hashman

Who is planning on going to the Reason Rally this Spring? Good news! A few weeks ago the organizers anounced that the band Bad Religion will be performing at the rally! The rally looks like it is really shaping up to be awesome and this seems to be yet another awesome addition to the already star studded list of speakers

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Does Skepticism Imply Atheism?

October 10, 2011 Matt Reichenbach

Many skeptics also identify as atheists, to such an extent that these two groups often look identical. But the relationship between the two philosophies is not one of equality, and treating them as such can be detrimental to the cause of skepticism. Skepticism is a mode of thought, whereas atheism is an actual claim about the universe. As is true with all such claims, atheism can become dogmatic. This is the danger it poses to skepticism through its association, because skepticism inherently gives no validity to dogma.

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