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Dan Linford is a master’s student in the Philosophy Department at Virginia Tech. He is on the Executive Board of Freethinkers at Virginia Tech. Originally from upstate New York, Dan did his undergraduate studies at the University of Rochester in physics. He performed PhD level work in physics at Virginia Tech before switching to the philosophy department. Dan holds a standing interest in people, cultures, and history, especially intellectual history. He is particularly interested in how religions developed in different cultures and changed over time.



Adventures in Prayer Land, Part 1

July 25, 2012

I posted about the event I had just attended to the Freethinkers at Virginia Tech facebook page. I mention that one of the Board members stated "Can I get an 'amen' on that?" and my friend Zack responds, "Please tell me that was videotaped. The FFRF could play that tape and close their case."

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An Atheist Goes to a Cru Meeting

October 11, 2011

This post originally appeared on blog Libere Cogitare et Ratio.

A few weeks ago (September 15th), I attended my first Cru meeting. For those not in-the-know, Cru is what was formerly known as "Campus Crusade for Christ." They're an interdenominational, conservative Evangelical, youth ministry that operates on many college campuses across the country. To their credit, they're actually one of the largest Christian organizations in the US. Being a Northern-bred, scientifically minded, atheistic liberal, I fully expected to witness an entirely different culture—and therefore was looking forward to the experience with excitement and anticipation.

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