The Course of Reason

EJ Sorrell

Bio_PictureEJ is an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Chemistry. They have been actively invovled with the secular movement after joining UT Austin’s chapter of the Secular Student Alliance their freshman year. They are currently entering their second year as president of that chapter. EJ is passionate about feminism, LGBT+ rights, secularism, and diversity in the atheist movement. They are an Outreach Intern with the Center for Inquiry in Summer 2018.


Is There Room in Atheism for Trans People?

June 15, 2018

I’m just going to come out and say it: atheism has a problem with transgender people, especially in online circles. Atheist and secular communities have had issues with diversity for as long as they have existed, and while the demographics have shifted slightly over the years, atheism as a movement is still predominantly white, straight, cisgender (i.e. not transgender), and male. Those who hold marginalized identities, like people of color, women, and LGBT+ folks have consistently been driven away from atheist spaces due to harassment and prejudice.

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