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Gina Colaianni is a senior psychology undergraduate student at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.  When she isn’t pondering the existential crises taking place in the world today, she can be found reading, attending secular and skeptic meetups, or working towards her goal of attending graduate school through the process of blogging about her personal failures, successes, and shortcomings.



Gina’s Response

December 15, 2011

Two weeks ago, the CFI On Campus Course of Reason blog posted a piece that I wrote in response to JT Eberhard's Skepticon 4 talk titled “Why the Skeptic Community Must Concern Itself with Mental Illness."  My post caused quite a reaction for some people in the skeptic/atheist community; most of the reactions were not positive.

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Why the Skeptic Community Should Not Approach Mental Illness

November 29, 2011

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to attend Skepticon in Springfield, Missouri. On the last day of the conference, JT Eberhard gave the very last speech of the conference. His speech was titled “Why the Skeptic Community Must Concern Itself with Mental Illness.” Just from the title alone, I knew I would have some sort of emotional reaction to the speech. (The talk can be viewed here.)

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Sometimes Full Donations Still Equal Empty Bellies

August 18, 2011

Food aid.

These two words tend to bring to mind a reminder of the fact that starvation and malnutrition are still a present day way of life for millions of people around the world. The solution seems simple, right? Donate money, acquire and distribute food, and eventually the starvation rate will go down. Surely the food will reach needy recipients, right? Right...?

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