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Jason Cooperrider is a Ph. D. student in neuroscience at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, studying the cerebral and cognitive correlates of exceptional memory in individuals with an autism spectrum condition. He is the cofounder and former president of the University of Utah student organization SHIFT (Secular Humanism, Inquiry and Freethought), which is an affiliate of the Center for Inquiry and the Secular Student Alliance. He is also the secretary for the Humanists of Utah, the current treasurer and a founding board member of the Utah Coalition of Reason, and a founding board member of the Utah Freethought Society.


My Experience at the 2012 Moving Secularism Forward Conference in Orlando

April 5, 2012

It was my great pleasure to attend the Center for Inquiry's and Council for Secular Humanism's joint 2012 conference, Moving Secularism Forward, which occurred March 1–4 in Orlando, Florida, so that I could represent the secular student group, SHIFT (Secular Humanism, Inquiry and Freethought), I cofounded at the University of Utah in May 2009. Florida was a prime location for the conference, given some of the alarming intrusions by religion into politics there that have been and are occurring this year. The conference consisted of a great lineup of speakers, ranging from the local to the international stage, and fostered a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere in which attendees could mingle with each other and speakers during intimate and casual social functions and talks. This was my first time attending a conference put on by the Center for Inquiry or the Council for Secular Humanism and I certainly am glad that I had the opportunity to attend this one.

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