The Course of Reason

Kayla Bowen

Kayla Bowen is a senior at Morehead State University studying psychology and philosophy in rural Kentucky. She is a board member for the Secular Student Alliance, and founded an SSA group at her university in response to a local county clerk denying marriage licenses to gay couples.


The Other F Word

July 16, 2018

A lot of skeptics think that fat activism is based on pseudoscience because they think fat activists are trying to equate being fat with being healthy. For those unaware, fat activism is advocating for the equal treatment of people whose bodies are fatter than what is considered socially acceptable because fat people tend to be treated differently in medical, legal, and social settings as a result of their weight. If you even YouTube “fat activism” most of the results will be photos of fat people accompanied by a scathing commentary, and if you really want to see how much fat people are hated in society, just visit r/fatacceptance where one Reddit user posted “fat people shouldn’t have rights. Who’s with me?”

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