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Michael Dippold

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Michael Dippold is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa studying economics. He also serves as the Director of Finance for the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers & Inquirers, and loves almost everything about the atheist movement.


Announcing the Darwin Week 2012 Lineup

January 23, 2012

It's that time of year again! Darwin Week 2012 is quickly approaching, and with it comes the best lineup of speakers that we've ever brought to UNI! Darwin Week will take place February 13th through the 16th in the Maucker Union CME. We will have three faculty talks every day, followed by a keynote speaker at 7:00 pm, and an after-party at Beck's for wings, burgers, and one-on-one with the keynotes.

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Oops, God Made A Mistake

January 10, 2012

For the masochists out there who follow GOP politics, the Iowa Caucuses took place last night, and resulted in an absurdly close race between Uber-conservative culture-warrior Rick "frothy mixture" Santorum and flip flopping expert Mitt Romney. Romney took the state by just 8 votes—barely beating Santorum—both of whom only beat Ron Paul's impressive showing by a few percent. The other candidates did quite poorly, confirming that the excitement and buzz generated by this rotating cast of flavor-of-the-week candidates was as temporary as most suspected. Perry and Cain had both had their brief time in the spotlight, along with Michelle Bachmann who won the Ames Iowa straw poll.

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A Night With Chris Moon

October 28, 2011

Last night a group of UNIFI members attended a talk by Chris Moon where he laid out his personal history with the paranormal, and talked about his exploits while "investigating" paranormal phenomena. Stef already did a very good job of describing the basic outline of the talk, so I'll try not to repeat much of what she said. Moon himself claims to be not only a paranormal investigator, but a psychic medium. For someone peddling pseudoscience and nonsense, he's admittedly charming, and quite a good speaker.

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Is Jon Huntsman the most reasonable GOP candidate?

August 24, 2011

Jon Huntsman, former Utah Governor and a current contender for the Republican nomination, recently posted a tweet on his official account responding to Rick Perry's asinine comments regarding evolution and climate change at a campaign stop in New Hampshire. Here is the full text straight from his Twitter page:

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Atheist Humility

August 14, 2011

One thing that annoys me about the atheist movement is the idea that being an atheist makes you a beacon of rationality. We’re “brights,” which means that we have things figured out. And yet in any discussion (especially online) with an atheist, you’re bound to catch them espousing views that are not supported by evidence, or poor/fallacious reasoning. This is even more pronounced when you engage an atheist in a discussion about some topic unrelated to religion or science.

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