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Robby Bensinger is a graduate of Indiana University. His background is in philosophy, religious studies, and critical thinking activism, and he has been a member of the Secular Alliance at Indiana University since its inception in 2008.


Should Secularists Have Man-Free Events?

May 31, 2013

Women only sign pushing a man off of the signInspired by UNIFI and other campus groups' activities, the Secular Alliance at Indiana University has been debating the advantages and the risks of hosting women-only events. I think some of the arguments raised by both sides will be useful and relevant to other groups seeking to reach out to different demographics and combat internal inequalities. In the hopes of encouraging more widespread discussion of ways to concretely improve our communities, I raise four objections to the idea of an exclusive women's group, and four responses to those objections. [Editor's note: Illini SSA is a CFI-affiliated group that has been successful in creating a Ladies' Night event for their women members.]

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