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Sarah Kaiser is a field organizer for CFI On Campus. Prior to her work at CFI, she got her start in the freethought movement as the co-founder and president of the Secular Alliance at Indiana University, where she helped organize a nationally recognized atheist bus ad campaign and large campus speaking events. As an atheist, a feminist, and a small part of the universe's way of understanding itself, she is thrilled at the chance to help advance CFI's mission. On Twitter: @sarahebkaiser.


Affiliate Group of the Week #28: American University Rationalists and Atheists (AURA)

February 20, 2014

AURA (American University Rationalists and Atheists) was created, like many of our campus groups, as a forum for non-believers on campus and a place to have open conversations about religion. They have regular discussion meetings, bring in speakers, and even had a kind of "Atheist Church" event. They are using the CFI Speakers Bureau as a resource to find more future speakers to host at AU. Read on for more from the group's current outreach coordinator, Benjamin Cook!

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Affiliate Group of the Week #27: Gulf Coast State College Center for Inquiry On Campus

January 30, 2014

We are pleased to announce this week's Affiliate Group of the Week, the Center for Inquiry On Campus at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida. This group impressed us when they re-affiliated (something all groups do each year) and sent a long list of activities they had planned for the coming semester. Jake Brown, the group's president, answered our questions about their past, present, and upcoming events.

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Why is the Right to Blaspheme Important to You?

September 29, 2013

As part of the Campaign for Free Expression, and in recognition of International Blasphemy Rights Day 2013 (September 30), CFI is hosting a Twitter contest!

Participants are challenged to convey, in less than 140 characters, why the right to criticize religion is important. Seriously guys, no using ellipses, no "part 1, part 2" nonsense. Just ONE TWEET about blasphemy. Do you think you can do it?

The prizes include cash and free subscriptions to Free Inquiry, as well as recognition on CFI's website.

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The Course of Reason On Air Session 3: Blasphemy Rights and the Campaign for Free Expression

September 5, 2013

Why is blasphemy an important issue for the non-religious? Why do we, of all people, care about promoting free expression? How is the defense of free expression a humanistic endeavor? 

Join the discussion next Monday, September 9 starting at 9:00 PM EST. A live stream of the event (a live online Google Hangout with video) will be posted to the Google+ event page, where campus organizers Sarah Kaiser and Cody Hashman will be joined by student leaders and CFI Office of Public Policy director Michael De Dora to discuss International Blasphemy Rights Day, coming up on September 30, and how and why we can promote free expression.

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Affiliate Group of the Week #22: Dixie Reason, Inquiry, and FreeThought (DRIFT)

August 29, 2013

Jessica Argyle, president of Dixie Reason, Inquiry, and FreeThought shares her thoughts on how the group started and what they provide to the local community in her area.

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