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Shawna Scott

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Shawna Scott is a doctoral student at the University of Windsor who recently received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She is also the president of the Windsor/Essex County Atheist Society, which is a ratified student club with over 200 members.


Debate Between Dan Barker and Rev. Joe Boot: Is there life after death?

April 3, 2013

Our group was founded in 2010, and our membership has been growing quickly. To date, we have done a lot of tabling, held monthly meetings, attended conferences, and participated in fundraisers. We decided that it was the right time for our club to host a large event.

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Campus Activism: University of Windsor Convocation Prayer Replaced With Moment of Reflection

October 17, 2012

Though the University of Windsor has Catholic roots, it is currently registered as a public university. When I completed my undergraduate degree and attended convocation in 2010, the convocation attendees were asked to stand and acknowledge God in the following prayer:

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