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Trevor Boeckmann

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Trevor Boeckmann is an intern at the Center for Inquiry, and a recent graduate in economics from the University of Northern Iowa. Boeckmann served as President of the UNI Freethinkers and Inquirers for two years, and this fall will be attending law school at UCLA.



Why I am Not a Christian

August 18, 2011

Since first leaving my religion several years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to see debate after debate on topics of faith. The common secular argument is to default to the burden of proof. Show us your evidence of God, which we can and will refute, or stop perpetuating the idea. This is, of course, a valid way to oppose religion. But it leaves out an emotional element; it leaves out the human experience and our search for meaning. I am not a Christian not just because their claims are without evidence, but for so much more.

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CFI Stands on the Right Side of History

June 17, 2011

As the New York State Senate stands deadlocked on gay marriage, CFI refuses to sit on the sidelines.

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The Who’s Who of the Student Leadership Conference Attendees

June 13, 2011

An overview of the CFI Student Leadership Conference attendees.

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Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed: The Tales of a CFI Intern

June 6, 2011

Trevor Boeckmann takes a step back to examine his internship with CFI.

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Making (Social) Progress

May 31, 2011

Trevor Boeckmann advocates bringing progressive social values into the secular movement.

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