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Birth Control Matters Blog Carnival: Today!

July 21, 2011

I recently found out about the possibility of making birth control a mandatory no-copay prescription under new insurance plans, which would mean that the ability to control one’s sexual reproduction would be more accessible to more women. The National Women’s Law Center and Planned Parenthood are sponsoring a blog carnival to show support for this becoming a reality under the Obama Administration, so I wanted to bring this up to students and see what they thought about birth control.

Access to birth control has an effect on all people, female and male, and we should all care about the ability to choose if and/or when we have children. Some students have written articles to participate in the carnival. Here is what CFI On Campus students and allies are saying:


Examiner - New Orleans Political Buzz

Birth control health coverage possible under Affordable Care Act
by Jay Todd

“Free birth control and sterilization would have long-lasting positive effects on both well-being and healthcare costs, according to a report released to the Federal government on Tuesday, July 19, by the U.S. Institute of Medicine.” Read more…

University of Missouri Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists & Agnostics

No gods and no masters by Dave Muscato 

“I have two small children twenty months apart, the baby now seven weeks old and am twenty-one years myself. You might know what this means to me to care for two babies at this age when it simply stopped my being with my friends who can still be free to go, although I would do anything for my two children to help them go through a decent life. I am constantly living in fear of becoming pregnant again so soon. Mother gave birth to twelve children…The above comes from a book of letters received by early 20th-century birth control pioneer & activist, Margaret Sanger. The title of my post today comes from the slogan of her newsletter, The Woman Rebel.” Read more…

Skeptic Freethought

Contraceptive Conundrums and why you should support contraceptive coverage by Ellen Lundgren

“Catholics oppose contraceptives citing that “there is an ideology at work ... that goes beyond any objective assessment of the health needs of women and children.” Excuse me?! My objective need as a woman is that I don’t want children! This stance makes me grit my teeth. How can one hold the belief that contraceptive is morally wrong when the results without it is often having a child before you are emotionally and financially ready? It boggles my mind that the Catholic church thinks that it’s better to bring a child into this (overpopulated) world in poor conditions, rather than simply limiting and preventing (never mind abortive methods) the chance of pregnancy until a couple is ready and able to support a child.” Read more…

University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers - UNIFI

Fursdays wif Stef: Women’s Health is a Secular Value
by Stef McGraw

“The Department of Health and Human Services will soon be making a decision that will affect tens of millions of women in the United States. It is going to determine whether or not insurance companies will cover birth control as a form preventative care under the health care law. As secularists who take an interest in people’s rights and well-beings, we should whole-heartedly support this.” Read more…

Casting Off

Margaret Sanger: Liberator of Women by Stephanie Van Dyk

“In honour of the Birth Control Blog Carnival, I wanted to write about one of my favourite activists - Margaret Sanger.

The 1920s were a different time. Birth control was illegal in Canada and the US, as well as most other places in the world. Sanger, a nurse who understood how birth control could help women and reduce poverty, did not let this stop her.” Read more…

Illini Secular Student Alliance

Copay-Free Contraception: The Rational Solution, the Right Solution 
by Sam Shore 

“The gradual implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has included time for studies to be conducted regarding what should be a part of its sweeping changes. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine recommends “the full range of Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods” be covered by insurers without requiring a copay from the women receiving care. Though I can already hear the high-pitched whine of the right-wing talking points machine starting up to claim this as a moral failing on the part of our government, I encourage everyone to take a breath and recognize that this recommendation benefits everyone.” Read more…

The Wayward Bird

Department of Health and Human Services to decide on new birth control measure by Kate Tubbs (CFI Staff)

“I have always wanted to have a baby. Lots of them. Call me unrealistic or old- fashioned, but I’ve always wanted a big family. My parents were each the second child of five, and all of my aunts and uncles had at least two children. Many of my cousins now have at least two children. My brother has two sons and another baby on the way, and my sister has two children also. I have a very large extended family with lots of small children and babies and I love it. I’ve always wanted the same kind of family for my kids. But only when I’m ready.” Read more…


Why Birth Control Will Make Me a Better Mom by Dren Asselmeier (CFI On Campus Staff)

“When I first heard about the blog carnival that is being put on by Planned Parenthood and the National Women’s Law Center, I knew that I had to participate. I love birth control! Allow me to share just a little information on why I think that birth control should be as readily available as possible, including a $0 co-pay under insurance plans.” Read more…


Watch for updates to the blog throughout today as we continue posting articles from the blogs of students sharing their thoughts about access to birth control. To see the blog carnival page and read articles from others who are concerned about access to contraceptives, check the We’ve Got You Covered page.



About the Author: Dren Asselmeier

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Dren Asselmeier does student outreach as a campus organizer at the Center for Inquiry. She got her start as an organizer while interning at Center for Inquiry–Michigan in 2008. She stayed until 2010 as a volunteer campus coordinator, and was CFI–Michigan Freethinker of the Year in 2009, as well as president of Center for Inquiry–Grand Valley State University. Dren has a B.A. in English from Grand Valley State University. She is the president of Buffalo Area Non-Profit Professionals, an event volunteer at Buffalo Subversive Theatre, and a contributor to the Buffalo Storyteller Hour. 




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