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Need Help with Your Activism Project?

August 25, 2011

What skeptical, scientific, or secular problems do you see in your community today? Do you want to try changing anything or advocating for a view or group of people? Well, here is your chance to do that, and to have help!

I wanted to take a minute today to ask all of our readers a few questions about plans for activism this year. We had a lot of fun talking to Desiree Schell at our Student Leadership Conference this summer, and we’ve been looking forward to using her activism campaign manual, so let’s get to it. Let’s get active and make plans to change the world for the better.

I wrote a call in our newsletter for students to join the activism committee with Center for Inquiry On Campus so that they can help other students with activism projects. Now they need something to do. Need advice on how to get started? Want help getting visibility? That’s what we’re here for. Center for Inquiry is not just a place to sit and talk; we want to be actively making the world a better place and working toward social progress. Put our resources to good use!

Gay Marriage Legal… Girl Still Obnoxious 

Here are a few activism ideas if you want to do something, but don’t know what to do:

  • Get a “Living Without Religion” ad at your school
  • Start a letter-writing campaign for reproductive rights, science education standards, or an issue that may be current in your community
  • Start an informational project: what do people in your area need to know more about?
  • Advocate for church/state separation if you know of a current violation
  • Challenge your school’s free speech zone rules

I’m sure that some of you will have other ideas. Feel free to share, and email me if you have questions or want to bring an issue to our attention and get our assistance. We’re happy to hear your thoughts and help however we can.



About the Author: Dren Asselmeier

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Dren Asselmeier does student outreach as a campus organizer at the Center for Inquiry. She got her start as an organizer while interning at Center for Inquiry–Michigan in 2008. She stayed until 2010 as a volunteer campus coordinator, and was CFI–Michigan Freethinker of the Year in 2009, as well as president of Center for Inquiry–Grand Valley State University. Dren has a B.A. in English from Grand Valley State University. She is the president of Buffalo Area Non-Profit Professionals, an event volunteer at Buffalo Subversive Theatre, and a contributor to the Buffalo Storyteller Hour. 




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