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Effective Volunteer Management—New #cficon Video With Jennifer Beahan

January 30, 2013

Jennifer Beahan, assistant director of CFI–Michigan, shares some advice on how to effectively manage volunteers. She starts off where it counts, advising us to be prepared! Don't ask for volunteers if you don't have an immediate way to put their time to use, and make them feel like a valuable asset to the organization. Watch Jennifer Beahan's presentation, recorded at our 2012 Student Leadership Conference.

Check out the video of Jennifer Beahan's presentation, with Q&A afterward, below!

You can view all the videos from the 2012 Student Leadership Conference on our YouTube playlist.


About the Author: Sarah Kaiser

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Sarah Kaiser is a field organizer for CFI On Campus. Prior to her work at CFI, she got her start in the freethought movement as the co-founder and president of the Secular Alliance at Indiana University, where she helped organize a nationally recognized atheist bus ad campaign and large campus speaking events. As an atheist, a feminist, and a small part of the universe's way of understanding itself, she is thrilled at the chance to help advance CFI's mission. On Twitter: @sarahebkaiser.




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