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First Event Huge Success for the GW Secular Society

April 10, 2013

Nate Phelps with GWSS students.

After six long (or according to some perspectives, short!) months of getting situated, settled, and organized, the rookie George Washington University Secular Society managed to pull off its first big event without any disasters, problems, or horror stories. Ex-Westboro Baptist Church Member Nate Phelps gave a heartfelt speech about his journey from a childhood of abuse to an adulthood of atheism. "Everything ran as smooth as clockwork, and the event was highly enjoyable!" said Jay Dhar, GWSS's Secretary. 

GWSS's faculty advisor, Colby Moss, commented, "They put so much work into it, and it's impressive what they have accomplished in such a small amount of time." The GW Secular Society is even one of ten finalists for GW's Student Organization of the Year, despite having only been in existence for just over six months.

Nate Phelps hosted by the George Washington University Secular Society

The event had about 300 people turn up to hear Mr. Phelps speak. Many people had questions and comments for him after the event, religious and nonreligious alike. "The talk was informational and while I do not agree with his stance on faith, I can respect his ideals," said one religious GW student. Some attendees even commented that their views on religion had changed after hearing Nate Phelps' eloquent perspective. Though this was not the intent of the event, it certainly has resonated to the GWSS Executive Board how much power one man's speech can have.

Of the six cosponsors for the event, CFI was the only one that was able to have a table sitting outside the venue entrance. It was manned by CFI-DC's Melody Hensley and Simon Davis, who helped publicize the event and were happy to see their acquaintance, Nate Phelps, again. On behalf of GWSS, I'd like to thank ALL employees of CFI, CFI on Campus, and CFI-DC for supporting us from day one to now. We are clearly moving at a very fast pace and taking the movement by storm, so watch out!


About the Author: Julie Mankowski

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Julie Mankowski is the president and founder of the George Washington University Secular Society.




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