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Hey look!  It’s evolution!

August 31, 2010

Some more of that evolution that we never see happening...

An argument that frequently comes up against evolution is that we can't watch it happening, therefore we don't know for sure it occurred (because tons of people were present when god supposedly created the cosmos...).  A similar situation would be when you show up at your house to find tire tracks in the front yard, the front door kicked in, and all of your valuables missing.  Hey, nobody was there.  So can we really know for certain you were robbed?  The argument is weapons-grade stupid.

Anyway, there are plenty of available instances of large-scale evolution that we've witnessed such as Podarcis sicula, Culex pipiens, Rhagoletis pomonella, and Mimulus.  And now we can add another one to the lot:

Scientists observing a small group of Australian lizards very closely, believe they may be watching evolution happen right before their eyes.

A variety of Australian skink - like snake but with four tiny legs - is slowly starting abandon egg laying and beginning to give birth to live offspring like a mammal does.

Skinks in the mountainous region of New South Wales have almost entirely moved to live birth. But the same species living in the lowlands along the coast are far more likely to lay eggs containing their young.


It is a consistency amongst those denying evolution; they moan that there's not enough evidence for natural selection, but their thirst for evidence evaporates when it comes to the idea that someone rose from the dead 2,000 years ago.  It's also a miracle if they've spent any time at all pursuing the evidence for evolution that they claim isn't there.

And their reaction when presented with that evidence is almost always the same.


There are no gods.  Religious faith is intellectually bankrupt.  We evolved as did every other animal.  It's what we are and it's beautiful

Tip of the  Sinosauropteryx tail to Amber for the link.






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