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Magic Bracelets in the News!

November 25, 2011

It appears that a Denver news station covered these things in a positive way. By positive way I mean exposed them for being silly crap.

Russakoff admitted there are no published scientific studies backing up such bracelets and also admitted some customers may be experiencing the placebo effect.

When asked if his bracelets are based on solid science, Russakoff pointed to thousands of positive testimonials his company receives.

“Whether or not that would be a scientific proof or not for someone, that’s up to the individual to determine,” Russakoff said.

I don’t know how we got to such a silly-shit position where individuals get to decide what constitutes scientific proof, but this is the same ridiculous line that creationists use when defending the teach both sides crap. I really wish someone would call these clowns out when they utter such nonsense as it cheapens the entire pursuit of scientific knowledge. Scientific discovery is being treated as if it was some kind of popularity contest and not the result of rigorous testing and verification.

Of course, Placebo Bands are a different story. They are clearly labeled as placebo and are far less expensive! The best part is that there is plenty of real scientific research documenting the placebo effect and even studies that show that the placebo effect works even when you know it is a placebo! Placebo Bands are safe, effective, and don’t rely on pseudosciences lies to sell. You can get yours at the next Skeptics in the Pub for $5 with all proceeds going to fund further skeptical activities!

This post originally appeared on the Air Capital Skeptics blog.



About the Author: Sean Gillespie

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Sean Gillespie is a Fort Hays State University graduate and is pursuing a Physics degree at Wichita State University while preparing for further graduate studies. He is the founder and President of Air Capital Skeptics.




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