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Music Monday: Richard Dawkins - “Just for Hits”

July 1, 2013

Dawkins - Glitch art by Harrison(Author’s note: This video is best experienced at fullscreen and after a healthy dose of your hallucinogen of choice)

Richard Dawkins is a well-known evolutionary scientist, author, public speaker, and advocate for atheisM. HE is perhaps Most wEll-known for his 2006 book The God DeluSion, which ceMEnted his place as one of “The Four HorseMEn” of the New AtheiSm MovEMEnt.

Now, DawkinS has one more title: Musician.

Richard Dawkins introduced the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2013 with what at first appeared to be a typical talk of his on the propagation of genes and MEMES throughout populations. “Typical talk"couldn’t be more of a misinterpretation, as once the clock hits five minutes, it takes a turn for the weird. This is where those hallucinogens you should have taken already come into play.

If Max Headroom made music, I imagine it would be very similar to whatever the hell this is. Richard Dawkins’ body disappears leaving only his floating head, which gets cut open by lasers from an owl’s eyes, leaving only the brain and eyes remaining. The beat drops and the brains multiply, connected and rotating and exploding, leaving a psychedelic pinwheel of effects.

Did you know that internet memes are a hijacking of the original idea, altered deliberately by hedgehogs?

The visuals continue for the duration of the video and you know what?

I’m too sober to handle this. Just watch it. Watch Richard Dawkins do something crazier than he usually does on Twitter. Watch Richard Dawkins play an EWI. Watch Richard Dawkins’ joke about wanting to spread memes instead of genes fall flat on its face. Watch me collapse into a pool of tears for having had to watch this n number of times.



About the Author: Harrison Hopkins

Harrison Hopkins's photo
Harrison Hopkins is the president and founder of the Secular Student Alliance at Presbyterian College and secretary for the school's Gay-Straight Alliance. He is currently studying Psychology. In 2011, Harrison successfully challenged the school-endorsed prayer at his commencement ceremony with assistance from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.




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