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National Secular Service Day!

September 22, 2011

Campus Organizer, Dren Asselmeier here to update you on the upcoming important dates. Are you ready for the National Secular Day of Service? Already got plans for International Blasphemy Rights Day? Get on it!


What are you doing for the National Secular Service Day?

Just a reminder, International Blasphemy Rights Day is September 30th. Check our Campaign for Free Expression page for more information as well as resources and links to ideas for how you can get involved.

National Secular Service Day is the first Sunday in October, which will be October 3rd this year. Non-religious people all over the country will be volunteering to show their dedication to making their communities happier and safer places.
Pictured: CFI–Michigan Secular Service Program

Your student group can get involved and make their own project, or you can join up with other groups. If you are not part of a student group, but still want to get involved, sign up to volunteer as an individual or find a way to do something one-on-one.

Not sure what to do? Here is a list that we made to get you thinking about ways to help:

1. Mentor

2. Be a Big Bro/Big Sis

3. Donate food, winter clothing, school supplies

4. Help at a humane society and animal shelter/sanctuary

5. Do lawn work for someone who cannot

6. Start a community garden or help someone in their garden

7. Beautify an area with art!

8. Clean up a park/highway

9. Help clean a waterway

10. Plant some trees

11. Help out at a day camp, school, or daycare

12. Read to the blind

13. Join the bone marrow registry

14. Donate your hair for Locks of Love/Cancer Kids/similar

15. Hang out with seniors and play Mahjong

16. Help a homeless org or soup kitchen

17. Work with a literacy center or ESL program

18. Volunteer with a hospice program

19. Check with land conservancies, parks departments, your local secular orgs, and community groups

There are many websites that you can search for volunteer opportunities near you. Check Volunteer Match or Google it!

Email CFI On Campus if you have questions or need help finding ways to get involved. Let us know how you make an impact this Secular Service Day!



About the Author: Dren Asselmeier

Dren Asselmeier's photo

Dren Asselmeier does student outreach as a campus organizer at the Center for Inquiry. She got her start as an organizer while interning at Center for Inquiry–Michigan in 2008. She stayed until 2010 as a volunteer campus coordinator, and was CFI–Michigan Freethinker of the Year in 2009, as well as president of Center for Inquiry–Grand Valley State University. Dren has a B.A. in English from Grand Valley State University. She is the president of Buffalo Area Non-Profit Professionals, an event volunteer at Buffalo Subversive Theatre, and a contributor to the Buffalo Storyteller Hour. 


#1 Gary McDougall (Guest) on Monday July 23, 2012 at 4:36pm

Please have Mindy & Jon Miner contact me about further chapters of CFI–Michigan Secular Service Program. Although I'm living north of Saginaw I'm thinking that is a GREAT place to start up. It's my home town and I'm sick of watching the local news for there and how their only solution to problems is to hold prayer services every other day.

Gary McDougall
2759 S School Rd
Sterling MI 4659
(989)654 3051

#2 Dren Asselmeier on Thursday July 26, 2012 at 11:10am

I forwarded your information to CFI Michigan's staff. Thanks!




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