Who is in L.A.?
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I am posting this in an attempt to resurrect this subforum, which hasn’t been used since last summer.

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I’m not exactly what you are trying to find out, but my strong suggestion is that you take a look at http://www.iigwest.org It’s a grassroots skepticism group doing investigations of claims of the paranormal that meets at CFI Los Angeles. Usually meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of the month - but a lot of communication takes place online, and there are subcommittee meetings during the month, too.
Also, check out LA Skeptics Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/skeptics-136/ for all kinds of events, from the activities at CFI-LA (book club, Sunday lectures, etc.), to Drinking Skeptically in a couple of different bars in LA and the Valley, and Skepti Dinners.

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