Atheists in Student Govt.
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hopee and i got an idea from one of our members this week at the Atheist meeting.

he is running for vice president of the student govt on campus, and we thought that it would be a good idea to get the group to pass out leaflets for him around campus.

then 2 other members decided theyd run also.
so far we got someone running for :
president, vice president, and secretary of student govt.

we are going to campaign all three together as a unit, as supported by the AFA (our group).

this is the first time someone has run as an atheist in college student govt at our school, much less three at once! so we are very excited about it. elections are on the 28th of nov.

we are thinking of calling the three ‘the unholy trio’ as a catchphrase.
can you guys think of a better name? do you guys have any other ideas?
we plan to be a major influence on the school, seeing that most decisions are made from the religious perspective.



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We are just creating an atheist group here at the University of Alberta, and our SU president has already joined.  He didn’t “run” as an atheist, but I don’t think that would have been an issue here.

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How about the unholy trinity?