Lord Borat? or Sacha Baron Monckton? . . .  is the mystery solved?
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Is it OK to have fun at the expense of a member of the creepiest people on the planet club?

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weelll . . . . . . .  It turns out that the character Lord Monckton that’s been going around giving outrageously comical speeches claiming to prove that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by a cabal of a few dozen scientists, while hundreds of thousands of professional climatologists follow along lemming like in order to secure more grant money… has been defrocked.

OR, could it be another shrewd performance-gag by none other than Sacha Baron Cohen (is Baron below a Lord?) that uproarious fellow who brought us “Borat”?

Who’da ever thunk that a commie could pull off another grand center-stage hoax?

This is how the story goes, Sacha Baron Cohen got tired of Borat.  As quoted in Wiki: “After the release of the movie “Borat” Baron Cohen stated that because the public had become too familiar with the characters, he would retire Borat and Ali G. Similarly, after the release of “Brüno” he has stated he would also retire the title character.”

Afterwards, Cohen admitted to sources close to the actor that a great sense of loss and depression followed his retirement of Borat and lovable Ali G.  “As though I’d killed my children.”  Enduring months of emptiness and depression, “even questioning his own creative abilities as never before.”

“It seemed he was on a sad downhill slide, drinking more than ever and getting lost for hours and days in a trace of web-surfing.” his long-time maid confided to our reporter. 

She relates the following story as tears welled in her pretty hazel eyes:  “One morning he called me over, check it out, this guys the bomb.  Well, I looked at it and whatdayaknow, WUWT, was doing a wonderful job of explaining away all the AGW science with a lot of hand waving, while ignoring most all of what climatologist have actually been trying to explain to people… that… that… well… right there and then Sacha had an epiphany.

“Next thing I knowed there was a sort of transformation in Sacha, his backbone straightened, his chest swelled, so much that it pressurized his head.  His countenance lost that loveable playfulness and took on an overbearing lordly aspect.  Also he began furiously studying the Oxford English Dictionary and next thing I knowed a pretty latin tutoress was showing up at the door step.”

“I could see things would be OK now, Sacha had created a character even more uncouth and head-f^$’ingly outrageous than Borat”

From that moment Sacha Baron Cohen’s life and fortunes turned around as he transformed himself into his new character: venerable Lord etc. etc. Monckton. 

The rest as they say is history, successful beyond even his wildest dreams. 
Sacha privately admits he’s not sure he can ever turn his back on being the Lord ~ as it is even more fulfilling than fooling a stadium full of TeaPartiers.


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