Who is Lou Tice?
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I have a question.

Who is Lou Tice?

He is said that he is ‘coatching patriarch’.

He invented TPIE Tice Principle In Excellence.

‘Tiger Woods studied it from his father.
62 percents fortune 500 companies adopted.
He teached Michael Fred Phelps who get 8 gold medals in beijing olympic.
Federal offices, State government, Pentagon, Police also adopted and achieved.’


Yes, this is very suspicious.

He insist these scientists work together.

Albert Bandura, Martin Seligman, Gary Latham,
Glen Teryl, David Matsumoto, Leon Festinger,
Viktor Emil Frankl, Richard Gregory, 
Wilder Graves Penfield, Norbert Wiener.

He started seminar in Japan with ‘Dr.Tomabechi’.

Dr.Tomabechi is also suspicious.
Last year he insisted that he become tibetan high monk.
After that Tibet office denied offcially.
Dayly cult news scooped his SM show video.

He is still tendai monk still now.
His guru is in hawaii temple.
Tendai is one of the traditional buddhist.

He insist Computer and Brain proffesional.
But his major is linguistics in Carnegie Mellon University.
He invented the sounds which can enlarge busts. (This is on aired discovery channel.)

After Subway poison terro in Japan, he came out in TV as a brain wash proffesional.
At that time, one of the police man try to shoot the chairman of the police.
And national service found North Korea Badge at the scene of a crime.
He try to Hypnotic therapy. Policeman conscious is confused and this incident could not solve.



Do you have any information?

And probably these scientists did not work together.
Unforunately, Japan don’t care about these problems.
If you knows these scientists, please tell them.


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Do you talk about speaker Lou Tice?

The founder of the Seattle-based Pacific Institute and self-help mentor to several generations of local coaches and athletes has died.

Lou Tice was 76 and died Sunday after a brief illness. The Seattle Times reported (http://tinyurl.ms/50n6) that among those he influenced were former Washington Huskies football coach Jim Lambright and current Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Tice, a Seattle native, was a football coach at Burien’s Kennedy High School in 1971 when he started the Pacific Institute, a corporation specializing in leadership development.

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Tice also became a trusted figure for area athletes and coaches. Lambright asked Tice to mentor his coaches before seasons, then went to work for Tice after being fired at UW. Current UW coach Steve Sarkisian also worked with Tice and in a post on his website called Tice “a great mentor and friend.”

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