Alternative Medicine & Penis Enlargement
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You can search any alternative medicine combined with the words penis enlargement and get plenty of results.  Seems to obvious, wishful thinking.  :P



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They are jokes.  Without some sort of surgery or a sock, you cannot alter your body with those things, unless they are some sort of steroid related drug, which to my understanding is illegal and hardly natural.  Then again, I’m from Missouri and live by the state motto, but I don’t want to see actually see it.

The thing is, most of those things are money grabbing schemes.  Even I could not enlarge my breasts with those natural breast enlargement chemicals.  No, I’ve not tried it and not about to do so because it has not been actually tested.  Natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe.  Even if such things did work, there’s no telling what else you are doing to your body.  ie Tobacco is natural, but it causes serious health problems, esp with what all they add to it.  We take a great risk even with things said to be natural and unscientifically tested.


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I have banned this member (seepia) for spamming.



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