New Harris Poll 11% of America don’t believe in God
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Really its that 16% that we need to be targeting.

[quote:0581d15bb7]Multinational surveys have often reported that Americans are much more likely to believe in God than people in most other developed countries, particularly in Europe. However, a new Harris Poll finds that 42 percent of all U.S. adults say they are not "absolutely certain" there is a God, including 15 percent who are "somewhat certain," 11 percent who think there is probably no God and 16 percent who are not sure.[/quote:0581d15bb7]


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I get the feeling that we, like women, people of color, and those with sexual variations, should “come out of the closet.”  Too many of that 26% (11 + 16) are quiet when the theists spout their beliefs.  While I’m not suggesting we proselytize, we should be willing to let others know where we stand and to defend our ideas when challenged.

It won’t change the minds of the older people, but it may cause many youth to rethink their ideas. 

I find the vision of theists being in the minority twenty to fifty years from now to be quite uplifting. :)


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One of the reasons why it is important to be visible is to let people know it is okay to not believe in a god. People should feel that it is not only acceptable, but the most reasonable choice.

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Thanks for the link, rationalrevolution. I’d heard about that poll but it’s great to have the data to hand.



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