General questions about climate change.
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I consider myself a scientist and a skeptic and a champion of the environment.  Both this podcast and a prior one on climate reveal your certainty on the issues of AGW.  I would like a recommendation on a book which best explains the scientific arguments for AGW.

I take a skeptical view on all things and climate should be no different.  I generally assume that the my media sources are correct (of course), so I assume the arguments for climate change are correct.  In my family I have a member who is a climate “denier” as you say (although I find that term pejorative and political), and is very well informed on the evidence supporting his claim.  I would love to have a greater command of the evidence.  I would also like the book to scientifically evaluate the evidence and discuss the uncertainties.  Any ideas?

Neil Stafford MD

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Welcome Neil Stafford,

You can do a search for AGW (above) and find many worthwhile discussions and reliable links on the subject.

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Lot’s of good books out there regarding climate change

Perhaps top of the list is:
The Discovery of Global Warming
Spencer Weart        
© 2008
Also there’s a first class website:
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If you want to learn about the history of the manufactured controversy that is the denial community:

Merchants of Doubt
by the American science historians
PhD Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.
© 2010
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For a beginner and layperson don’t think you’ll find a better web source than
{if you do please let me know}

Good explanations, many with beginner - intermediate - advanced levels.
All their explanations are supported by references, citations and links to the actual science upon which they are based.

They have excellent, informative discussions following their posts that are kept clean and on-point, with “skeptic” challenges answered seriously.
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Although there are others:
if you have some science background is tops.


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