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Dan Kahan - The Great Ideological Asymmetry Debate
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Jim Lippard - 25 February 2012 11:01 AM

For issues where the left exhibits motivated reasoning, there are a few good examples in the second half of Joseph Heath’s _Economics without Illusions_, which is about economic myths of the right and left.  (BTW, rg21 should certainly read the first half of that book…)  Economics seems to be an area where there are at least equally bad arguments on both sides of the right-left political spectrum.

Have any examples to share?

You can hear Heath talk about a few of them himself on the Rationally Speaking podcast from January 10:


A few examples of fallacies of the right include misunderstanding moral hazard and incentives, incorrectly assuming that approximation to the Invisible Hand Theorem is good enough (and failing to account for the Second Best Theorem), treating government as though it is a consumer of wealth, and assuming that capitalism is “natural.”  A few examples of fallacies of the left include mistaken notions of a “just price,” using “education” as a universal panacea where there are incentive problems (and timing-of-incentive problems), and thinking that capitalism is a system on the verge of collapse.

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