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Hello friends and fellow free thinkers.  I’m new to this site so I guess I’ll just do a quick intro before I post my topic.  My name is Larry Hannah and I’ve been an atheist since I was young.  Maybe thirteen or fourteen.  Of course I didn’t know what an atheist was back then but I knew that the things my pastor said started to sound crazy and that was also the first time I had read the bible the whole way through and my only thoughts were that of skepticism and a little WTF haha. I still live in the same town I grew up in.  Good ol’ Fowlerville, Mi. with my two sons and wife Andrae. Which brings me to my topic, I feel there is a need for and atheist/free thinkers/secular activist group in this area.  Due mostly to the fact that it is a primarily Christian community.  You may be thinking that starting a group like this in such a religious community would be “dangerous” or unwise but it is communities like this that NEED them to show atheists out there that it is okay to voice their opinions and essentially come out of the atheist closet and let the community know that atheist are everywhere and that were not “just a bunch of people who don’t want to get up early on Sunday,” as one man put it from this area. So i’m looking for anyone in the Livingston County area that is not afraid to stand up against Christian dominated communities, to start a group with me to meet on a regular basis and give others a place to talk and share like ideas.  If interested please E-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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