Mystery of the Museum
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There was nothing on television but reruns of “The Big Bang Theory”, so I was browsing, pretty desperate for something.  And my eyes lit upon a series called “Mysteries of the Museum”.  The promos made it look interesting.  So I figure what the heck?

The first segment featured an Occult Museum in Monroe Connecticut and their pride of place display, a “demonic” ragdoll named Annabell!  The claim was that it was owned by a college girl in 1970, when it was possessed by the spirit of a little girl.  It supposedly changed position while she and her roommate were out of the apartment, left cryptic little notes, even attacked one of the girls’ boyfriend.  I was starting to get mildly interested (assuming there was some documentation for all this, of course) until the source of the story came out… Ed and Lorraine Warren!  I nearly fell off the sofa laughing!  This is the same couple who “investigated” the Amityville Horror and pronounced it genuine, right?

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If this is the same show I’m thinking of, it has an absolutely DREADFUL presenter. He was on some show a few years back about underground sites (sewers, ruins, caves, etc.); the show would have been decent except for him.



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