Friends, Love, Loss, Fate
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Friends are like shadows, they can fall in front of you and they can fall behind you. When they fall beside you is when you all shine. There is nothing without friends. Amunst them we are fearless, apart we are yet still. Currency plays no role in True bond, priceless are we that dwell together. Is it not something as small as a coffee bean that can bring hours of talk and bond? As you would quarrell a bee for his creation, you ask questions in which the answere may sting. Truth in Life is sweeter than that of any clover honey. Seek that in in those closest to you. Let your friend be to you as the Pinion to the bird. For without them flightless we would be. In the gaps of time while away, sit and think. Be at peace. to be together always unravels the spindle of vitality. Stand apart and you shall find renewal. And cloistered umunst this sea of souls we breath and envy Love. Forsakened like the will ow tree whose whispy arms can hold not one. She dreams to life and bare a friend. We all possess the heart of a willow, a longing beseached by fear. A fear of loss, rejection, and heart ache. The ultimate loss is that friend having never been found. Should we stumble and faulter along the way, fear not. For Burned Bridges are but the ashes in the hourglass of Time. From a broken heart we see the sky a shade bluer and from crushed grapes comes a sweet sweet Wine. Think of the thousands of grains of sand that breaths life to your glass. Of the thousands of years they spent ashore and the passing it took for them to become a whole thing. Cheer and Love the small things, for without them there would be no celebration. What is passion without love? What is love without passion? We learn from one but get addicted to both, like the tree to Autumn’s wind and the Dance to Summer’s moon. For the misgivings of passion are countered with love. And the Lotus seed the rises from the muck and mud becomes a beautiful flower. For what we believe in is Fate’s teacher and the paths that we choose are laid before us. Like steps to a banister we guide with our hands and leave our prints as we pass. In Fate’s journey we follow our Hearts and the marks we leave are born from our Souls.



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