Thoughts on the nature of consciousness
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One of the interesting findings I reached while writing my book, The Hidden Truth:  A logical path through compelling evidence to discover the nature of reality and the meaning of life, was the true nature of consciousness.  In chapter two, which discussed many findings within quantum physics, a series of findings and proofs lead the reader to understand that physical matter is not only comprised of energy, it actually is nothing but energy.  Shortly thereafter, I show how energy is also equivalent to light, and later we learn that light resides outside of space and time because it does not operate by the rules of the universe, but requires a “Special Rule of Relativity.”  From the transitive property of mathematics where if a=b and b=c, then a=c, we prove that matter = energy = stabilized light. 

The discussion of consciousness is one of the most difficult aspects of the book, including chapter two.  Scientists have been grappling with what consciousness is without clear resolution.  Through the progression of findings in my book, I feel it is safe to say that “the light” and consciousness are virtually interchangeable, which could allow us to expand the transitive equation above to reflect that physical matter is not only energy.  It is by definition also comprised of stabilized light, which is itself the consciousness of the universe.  By this reasoning, the entire universe is comprised of a single consciousness which chooses to manifest itself in an infinity of physical and nonphysical forms in order to create and express Itself in order to experience and get to know Itself. 

The implications of this idea are far reaching and imply that your consciousness is actually not separated from my consciousness.  We are all one and the same, and part of a larger overarching, all encompassing consciousness.  Our ‘separation’ and individuality is only the illusion of separation, which physical reality creates specifically for the purpose of allowing us to experience that sensation for further development.

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How does information travel? On the wings of Light?

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