Fantastic poetry slam video against Pat Robertson and Focus on the Family
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500 of the best slam high school poetry teams world-wide compete every year in Youth Speaks.  The Denver team had a fantastic poem that I would love to make Pat Robertson and the Focus on the Family members watch.  Pass this on to other skeptics if you like it!

I’ve transcribed the first 25 seconds or so below, but it gets better and better, and must be seen, not read for the full impact at:

The following begins with a quote.

god allowed hurrican katrina as retribution for the shedding of innocent blood and legalized abortion
Televangelist and religious personality Pat Robertson

dear mr robertson
it has been over 6 years since katrina

on june 23, 2012 the most destructive wildfire in the history of our home state spread across colorado springs
the location of the national focus on the family headquarters
an organization that advocates the conservative christian lifestyle you support
we’re writing you on behalf of our singed mountain

hearing your justification for past tragedies
we are so confused

why would god send fire to the homes upstanding christian men like yourself

you have so much to say about god
we have been taught that most Christians associate fire with hell