Kerry Emanuel - Conservatives for Climate Science
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I generally agree with Kerry, except on the Nuclear Power issue.  As long as we’re talking about the current generation of nuclear reactors, those should be shut down as quickly as possible and replaced by the newer thorium reactors which are capable of consuming existing nuclear waste instead of adding to it…. while being a lot safer and easier to ensure automatic shutdown in event of a natural or man-made disaster.  As Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and show, current nuclear power technology is just too dangerous even before we add in the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation.  True, disasters have been few and far between, but just that one Chernobyl disaster contributed greatly to the collapse of the USSR economy.  A similar scale disaster in the US could greatly speed the current slow motion collapse of US’ military and technical leadership role in the world… to the detriment of everyone on the planet.

It would be great if the Republican Party could be taken back by Conservatives like Kerry instead of being derailed by the American Taliban whose mantra seems to be, like its Afghan Islamist counterpart:  “Ignorance is a virtue”.  Perhaps then there could be some progress toward solutions of the many politically sidelined but nonetheless critical problems facing the US.


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I really enjoyed the interview and the nice change of pace of who you were interviewing on the politcal spectrum(while still holding true to the podcast’s values). Thanks for the listening to your listeners. I really appreciated it.

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I was disappointed, Kerry’s convoluted answers had me more confused than educated.

But, right now just wanted to post the link since it seems to be missing from the above.
Kerry Emanuel - Conservative for Climate Science
July 23, 2012
Host: Chris Mooney

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Dear Chris Mooney,
I keep wondering why doesn’t anyone try describing our planet’s climate as a Heat Engine with its various components?

please see
Our Global Heat Engineā€¦  an essay ;-)


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