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Geez, this program is miserable.  I won’t make any comment about the web master.

1.  Iin the window at the bottom of the program, it keeps saying I’m the only one on the board even when there are obviously quite a few members on.

2.  I wanted to refer to a member who was here a while ago.  He has as part of his name, Gary, but not Garythehuman.  So I went to the membership list and typed Gary in the search. I got a list of hundreds posts, almost all by or referring to Garythehuman.  Finally, I tried the advanced search.  So what did I get.  “There is more than one member with that as part of the name.  Please refine your search.”  Gahhhh.  I know computer programs aren’t supposed to be smart, but did we have to get one with a negative IQ?



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